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Hey do you wanna make your workout cool intresting innovative.

I show you the best workout tips to make your body rip and fit.


  • Gym is best for muscle development but make your body stiff and hard.
  • Gym workout is not enough to make your body flexible or energetic. Just do the extra activities like handsstand,clap-pushup,or flare.
  • If you want to make your body muscles develope just go to gym in regular routine wise.
  • Remember one thing if you get off to the gym like one day.It is okk you can start the next day with regular sets.But if you get off the gym more than 3 days It is not good for your muscles,And that time your muscles get shrinks so your all hard work is waste and you get demotivated of yourself SO please don’t get that mistake.
  • you can join the gym in the age of 18 or 18+.In that age is ok for your gym workout.
  • Ideally mens height is 5.11 or womens height 5.6.If your height is 5.6 or above that is good BUT IF YOUR HEIGHT IS LIKE 5.5 OR 5.4,PLEASE DON’T LIFT A HEAVY WEIGHT REGULARLY.ONCE YOU GET STRETCH YOURSELF BETWEEN THE GYM WORKOUT REGURLARLY.


  • Akhaada is spot to make your body grow naturally.
  • If you go to akhaada your body strenght is increase naturally.This strenght is to make your body diffrent for other people.
  • Akhaada is spot to increase the stamina gradually.

At Home Workout

  • Home workout is good as well as gym workout.
  • In this workout you should need some space in the house to be your workout perfect .
  • I prefer in this workout you should do body weight exercise to make your body strong and bulky.
  • If you wanna make your body lean. You should do cardio also in 30 minutes on every day.
  • And don’t get demotivated to your workout the home workout is natural activity so keep going.